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Fastest YouTube Downloader

After using around 5+ apps (YouTube Downloader) I came across this great YouTube videos downloading app.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

official site " "
download from here

The main pros about this app is that you can download YouTube videos in different sizes and format as well as you can watch in different sizes and formats too. (i.e. much better than the default YouTube player in your android phone). Other important thing which attract me about this app is that it really downloads videos faster than normal download speed. Try it, and you will love it.

Other great alternative:-

TubeGod YouTube Downloader

official site " "
download from here

Note:- All YouTube downloaders voids Google's Terms & Conditions, so you will never ever find any of these YouTube downloader in Google Play Store. There are many fake YouTube downloaders all over the net , so please download only from the official site provided above to avoid virus problems.  


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Fonts For Droid [no root required]

Collection of some of the best fonts, its a good news that none of them requires "rooting" (please ignore this word if you don't know about it or a newbie :-) )

So, Here are some fonts with their screenshoots.

Simple Large fonts:-
(Best for devices with low screen resolution devices like Galaxy Y, Y Duos, Galaxy Music, Tipo etc.)


Europe Underground bold

Curvy And Stylish Fonts:-
(Best for high resolution devices like Galaxy S3, Optimus Black, Tablets etc. )



Quarmic Sans


Rose Mary

GapsTown Bold

Black Chancherry

Small Fonts:-
(try  it and see yourself)



How to install:-
1. Install any font (for eg. :- comicsan.apk).
2. Go to settings > display > screen display > font style.
3. A popup menu will appear select "comic sans" and then click restart. Now its all done.

Download all the above fonts click here
size:- 1.04mb
type:- zip format
(11 fonts)

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 Hope it works for you. Thanks for reading :-)